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Secondhand Rows will provide a space within the community where the love of books can be shared along with the exchange of ideas, creativity, and a place of inspiration.

Until we open the doors on our store location please visit us at our bookstand. Select MORE at the top of this page or visit our Facebook page for more information. 

Who We Are

In 2015 Book Ladies Eileen and Erica (mother and daughter) set out to find a place to hold the many thousands of books which would soon be coming their way. They stumbled across the Mount Carmel Farmer's Market in Atlas and placed a stand there, looking to see what kind of interest the area would have in books. The results were fantastic. Week after week people from the community and elsewhere would stop in to scan the stacks for the latest finds. Every Saturday the Book Ladies would meet wonderful people with a love of books, those with a passing interest, some that were buying a gift for a lover of books, and the most fun ones those that were looking to get back into reading :-) Thus began the search for a permanent building. After many years of renovation and work it is coming close to time to open the doors on Secondhand Rows. Even when those doors open the Ladies will still be found at the Farmer's Market running the E&E Bookstand. So while you await the opening of the brick and mortar store, please explore the E&E Bookstand, stop by or send an email to tell us what authors or genres of books you want to see on the shelves. We can't wait to see you and hear what your latest read was!

Abibliophobia-the fear of running out of reading material

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