ALL HARDBACKS are sold for 30% of the cover price. With eligible hardback trade-ins you pay ONLY 15% of the cover price!!

ALL PAPERBACKS are sold for 50% of the cover price. With eligible paperback trade-ins you pay ONLY 25% of the cover price!!

**Some restrictions apply, see below for details or contact us and we can assist you in finding out how much credit you may receive and all the 1000's of books you can use that credit on!

**Any book marked with NO TRADE sticker is not eligible to be purchased using store credit**

*all sales final*

store credit


Bring us your gently used paper and hardback books, we will evaluate them and let you know how much store credit you may receive. This credit can be used for your purchase of eligible like items.

Receive the below credit for your eligible trade-ins (We do not buy books):

*HARDBACK BOOKS:  Receive 30% of cover price in store credit. (Can be used on hardback book purchases only)

*PAPERBACK BOOKS: Receive 50% of the cover price in store credit. (can be used on paperback purchases only)

*We reserve the right to refuse books for trade in*

Exceptions can occur but we generally avoid the following:

-books without covers, missing pages, smelly, or moldy

-if we have 3 or more of the same title on hand we may not take the book due to storage constraints. However, you can try again in a few months to see if we have the room.

-library discards

-multi volume sets such as encyclopedias


STOP BY AND SEE US TO EVALUATE WHAT BOOKS WE CAN GIVE YOU CREDIT ON. If you have more than 5 boxes please contact us to make and appointment. It may take us up to 24-48 hours to process all books, depending on volume received.



Wednesday- Sunday 

1:00pm - 7:00pm


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